The Plexiglass Tube

The Plexiglass Tube Design
One of the biggest challenges for wire and cable products in the power industry is how to present and show that. Alumtek and Alumrod Corp are one of the employers who offer me the create and design.

Products presentation before of new design
  •  Products presentation before of new design

There were three questions for me and so helped me to solve problems.

  1. How to the best form and present?

  2. How to the best maintain for a long time?

  3. How to make a good impression?

This Project was launched in 2009 and I made a lot of etudes. finally, They Selected one of those etudes.

In result of, I made an effort and could be creating and design in 2010.

  • Ease and speed in construction.

  • As well as maintaining beauty are the main characteristics of this design, which is still being built by that company in several sizes for about 13 years.