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Alumrod Company

 Alumrod Company was established in 1977 based on the needs of companies and the market for aluminum rods, which are part of the raw materials for the production of overhead conductors, in the vicinity of Alumtek Company

 Alumrod Company has two production lines for two key products in the aluminum industry, which are:

  • Production line of aluminum and alloy wire (rod) with a diameter of 9.5 and 12 mm with a capacity of 27.2 000 tons per year.
  • Production line of aluminum billets with different alloys with a capacity of 10,000,000 per year.

 The most important machines in Alumrod factory are tilt melting furnace with a capacity of 42 tons, melting furnace with a capacity of 20 tons, holding furnace with a capacity of 17 tons (Holding Furnace), casting machine, rolling machine, coiler machine,